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Got Operations in Your Marketing?

The rise of digital marketing has had a profound impact on how marketing departments are managed. The need to configure tracking codes, set up users in systems, manage and analyze reports, conduct A/B tests, and select technology platforms to make it all work has made marketing much more operational than it used to be. While some marketers embrace these changes, others would rather focus on the creative aspects of marketing and leave the process management, systems management, and reporting to someone else. Whether you fall into this latter category or you just want some assistance optimizing your marketing operations, Ma can help.

Marketing Process Mapping

Markting Operations Success

MarketVigor will evaluate your marketing operations processes and systems and provide you with a written assessment with recommendations for improvement. If you’d like to implement the suggested improvements, MarketVigor can create a detailed work plan and work with your team to put the changes in place. If you’re considering outsourcing some of the marketing operations work, MarketVigor can assist with vendor evaluation, selection, and onboarding.

Project Management

Project Management

Successful digital, integrated, or multi-channel marketing campaigns take coordination and collaboration across the organization. Project management can go on for months or even years. When multiple agencies are involved in execution, each may only manage their portion of the project. MarketVigor can help you streamline and maintain continuity by providing process optimization or project management support.

Marketing Systems and Tools Selection

Marketing Systems and Tools Support

Finding the right marketing automation system, email marketing solution, lead management process, webinar system, web analytics solution, or social media platform takes time and effort away from executing successful marketing initiatives. MarketVigor has developed an RFP and vendor evaluation process that provides an objective way to select the right systems and tools for your business while allowing you to stay focused on your business. Let us put our years of experience to work for you.

Social Media Strategy Process Mapping

MarketVigor can perform an evaluation of your marketing operations, map the “as is” process, and work with you to define a “to be” process.

Marketing Performance Tracking

Digital Marketing Performance Tracking

MarketVigor works with clients to setup processes to consistently configure campaign tracking and measure campaign performance.

Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Digital Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Clients often need help making the most out of their marketing reports and defining key performance indicators. MarketVigor provides this support.

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