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Market Vigor, LLC

Your Business Deserves Vigor!
We provide marketing services through the full customer life cycle.
From acquisition through retention we can execute for you,
train your team, or work with your other service providers.
MarketVigor is your business partner, not an agency.
No retainer required.

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Customized Approach
Flexible Solutions
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We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach.
We get to know your business and craft
the best solution for YOUR needs.

Lifecycle Marketing
Business Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Operations
Business Growth Planning

Our Marketing Methodology

We’ve developed the MarketVigor P.L.A.N. model to ensure that our marketing solutions deliver innovative, impactful results that meet clients’ business goals. The P.L.A.N. model is a framework for defining marketing goals, tactics, offers, channels, content, key performance indicators, timelines, milestones, and reporting parameters. It serves as a blueprint or roadmap for marketing initiatives and helps keep an entire team on track with the goals, objectives, deliverables, and desired outcomes of marketing activities. Key elements of the model are:


Set goals, define targets, create offers, and configure tracking.


Select channels, configure campaigns, and synchronize roll-out.


Analyze, make adjustments, analyze again, and report results.


Engage, retarget, and follow up with prospects, visitors, and customers.
Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing Campaigns

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MarketVigor works with clients to create and execute powerful multi-channel campaigns. Our campaign solutions follow our P.L.A.N. model. We start with planning and include campaign configuration, content development, ad creation, media buying, multi-channel deployment, measurement, analysis, reporting of results, and reconfiguration as needed.

Lead Management

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Lead generation is a critical need for our B2B clients, and our services include support for developing and implementing effective lead scoring models, selecting marketing automation technology, executing lead generation campaigns, managing a marketing database, and working with sales on sales enablement to improve MQL acceptance rates.

Content and Social Marketing

IYSIS Content Marketing

Success with social media marketing means keeping your website and social media channels updated with relevant, targeted, engaging content. MarketVigor offers content creation, content, and social media management solutions. We create brand-relevant plans and then work with clients to implement, manage, measure, and make adjustments as needed.

Email Marketing

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Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective customer acquisition solutions, and MarketVigor offers full-service email marketing support from template creation through campaign testing, drip nurturing, email execution, performance measurement, and reporting.

Website Optimization

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MarketVigor offers website optimization solutions to assist clients with meeting their website engagement and conversion goals. MarketVigor also supports clients’ web development efforts by leading RFP processes, project management, and working with contractors on web design initiatives.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


MarketVigor offers a full range of SEO solutions including technical audits, content assessments, competitive audits, and keyword research. We deliver supporting content and work with clients to improve SEO and measure progress against goals.

Other Marketing Services

  • Webinars and Digital Events drive leads and engagement. MarketVigor can manage these for you or teach how to build your own process.
  • Agency and Vendor Selection can be frustrating. MarketVigor has an objective approach to help you through the process.
  • Project Management from MarketVigor is a convenient way to support an important initiative that is short on internal resources.
  • Marketing Systems Selection with our RFP process makes it clear if Eloqua, Pardot, Marketo, etc. is right for you.

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