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What We Do To Help You Access Capital

MarketVigor offers one of the best ways to explore options for accessing capital to grow your business or to refinance your existing debt. We’re here to educate you about your options and help you find the one that fits. We know that you’re busy running your business, so let us help you find the capital you need to take it to the next level.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs have difficulty identifying potential sources of capital or effectively presenting their stories to secure funding. At MarketVigor, we’ll work with you to develop an understanding of your unique business challenges and determine the best method of securing the growth capital that fits your company’s

Capital Sources

Commercial Bank Loans


Financing from a commercial bank is the best option for many clients. We work with you to prepare and package the loan request and tell your story in the most effective way. Unlike a bank, we’re not trying to push you into purchasing a financial product. Instead, we act as a partner to help you secure the right solution for your business needs.

SBA Loan Guarantee Program

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The Small Business Administration (SBA) reduces the risk to lenders by guaranteeing loans written to small businesses. This guarantee enables the lender to provide financing to businesses when typical funding is unavailable. MarketVigor works with a wide variety of SBA lenders to give our clients the best opportunity to secure the loan that meets their needs.

Mezzanine Financing

Debt and Equity IYSIS Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine financing is debt capital that gives the lender the rights to convert to an equity interest in the company if the loan is not paid back on time/in full. It’s generally subordinated to bank debt and, since there is increased risk to the investor, has a higher expected rate of return. MarketVigor can help with mezzanine financing when lower-cost options are not available.

Asset-Based Financing

Asset Based Financing

This is basic lending secured by assets. Loans are based on the value of the company’s equipment, inventory, or account receivables instead of historical operating record and cash flow. For companies that are unable to secure capital from other sources or need more immediate capital for project financing, this can be a useful alternative.

Equipment Leasing

IYSIS Equipment Leasing Financing Support

Rather than providing capital, this option furnishes the equipment that a company needs to expand. The advantages include lower payments, tax deductions, conservation of working capital, and immediate access to state-of-the art business equipment.

Private Equity Private Equity Lending Advisory Services

These groups provide investment in the private equity of operating companies from a variety of sources. They require a controlling or substantial minority position in a company and often have a say in major operating decisions. This can be a good avenue for companies that have plans for an IPO, merger, acquisition, or recapitalization.

How We Work

MarketVigor starts by educating our clients about all of their growth capital options. We’ll get to know your business and discuss your financial needs and challenges. We examine the four major factors: collateral, cash flow, credit scores, and cost of funds.


You meet with us and tell us about your business and capital needs.


We develop a recommendation that highlights your options for accessing capital.


You decide if you want to work with us, and we develop a formal proposal detailing client responsibilities, MarketVigor deliverables, and fees.
How We Charge For Our Business Financing Services/strong>

We believe there should be no surprises about fees. If we are successful in helping clients secure capital, we receive a fee equal to 1% – 2.5% of the total capital amount. Sometimes the fee is paid by the lender. Other times, the fee is paid by the client. This will all be described in the formal proposal before we get started.

Some clients may need other MarketVigor services prior to seeking capital. If needed, those services and payment terms will be described in the engagement proposal.

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