How’s that content marketing strategy working out for ya? Too much demand for content and not enough time in the day you say? Harder than you thought it would be to get ranked for those critical keywords huh? Yep, that content monster has a voracious appetite and the more you feed it, the more it wants. If you’re fed up with content marketing, you’re not alone. Many marketers are frustrated. You’d think that some genius would come up with an automated way for you to make meaningful content updates so you can focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy. Well, just like in the old days of linking strategies and content farms, there are likely solutions out there that will oblige, but what happens when you get caught?

Search engines are getting smarter and can increasingly detect “CONtent” that has little value to real people. Real people are getting more selective and expect “content” that is targeted and more personalized to their needs. One qualitative survey of 100 buyers found that they are “turned off by the inundation of content”. So, if your content isn’t right, your prospects are going to bounce and not be engaged. This means that us marketers won’t get that much-desired break. We’ll have to work harder in marketing planning to really understand prospect and customer needs so that our content is well-received, engaging and makes both human and robot visitors happy.